Blog problem update

FURTHER UPDATE: It looks as if the standard links are working again, as of Friday mid-afternoon (Pacific time zone in the USA). It wasn’t anything I did, that’s for sure. So, if it can fix itself, it could just as easily break itself again…

It seems that links within F&V work so long as “/blog” is in the URL, but not without it. Up to now, URLs have worked with or without “/blog”.

URLs for navigating around the blog do not routinely have /blog in them, but adding them gets you to the desired page–including the comment form.

For instance, if you wanted to comment on the recent entry on Afghanistan’s elections, the default for the comment form is This will not work. But the following modified URL will open up the comment form:

It might be slow and inconvenient, but it works.

Advice for anyone who is able to read this…


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