Guns and the NDP

From today’s Globe and Mail:

The battle over the future of the long-gun registry is narrowing as a clash of rural and urban values could very well bring about a tie vote on the floor of the House of Commons.

While the governing (but minority) Conservatives are likely to be fully united behind a bill to lift the current gun registry requirements, and the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois unite behind the status quo, the unity of the New Democrats will be sorely tested. The NDP caucus is divided between urban ridings (districts) and rural ones. Classic wedge politics. Or is this a (risky) “Western strategy” opportunity for the NDP itself?

UPDATE: The “Western Strategy” is on hold. G&M today (15 Sep) reports that NDP leader Jack Layton says he was convinced most of his rural caucus to block the proposal to lift the registry requirement. “The NDP plans on introducing its own private member’s legislation next week, which will propose changes to the registry that alleviate rural concerns,” it further reports.

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