UK channeling Israel?

Our travel destination has shifted from the UK to Israel. Had I known how interesting the post-election phase would be, I would not have booked the flight to Tel Aviv for so soon after. But in the UK, the new PM moves in to No. 10 immediately after the election. Or so I had been told.

So, after a day of being mostly cut off from UK (or any) news we arrive Monday in Israel to find that the parties are talking about a “rainbow coalition“–a governing formula consisting of the second and third largest parties and a smattering of far smaller parties. Yes, the British parties, not the Israeli parties.

Is Britain about to adopt an Israeli-style governing arrangements without any of the advantages of Israel’s proportional representation?

No, probably not. Latest news (about 3:30 p.m., UK time) suggests too much opposition within Labour to the idea.

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