Mockus+Fajarado=Second Place (Barely)

Cross-posted from PoliBlog:

In the first poll post the Mockus-Fajardo alliance, the pair overtook, by 2 points, PC nominee Noemí Sanín, to take the coveted second place slot behind frontrunner Juan Manual Santos.

The Gran Encuesta CM& – Centro Nacional de Consultoría poll breaks down as follows:

Santos (La U) 37%

Mockus  (Verde) 22%

Sanín (PC) 20%

Petro (PDA) 6%

Pardo (PL) 5%

Vargas (CR)  3%

Vargas falling into last is interesting, although he was only polling around 6% in previous polls, so the movement isn’t especially dramatic.  Really, since he is basically an uribista alternative to Santos and Sanín, and since the two of them already command almost 60% of the poll, there really isn’t much room left for him.

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