Yes, we most certainly felt it

In case anyone is wondering, yes, we felt the 7.2 earthquake on Sunday afternoon. Even though it was about 180 km away, we rolled and shook a lot here. No damage, but a few minor things fell over. Lots of creaking could be heard in the house. The shaking started slow and gentle, then got more and more intense. It lasted for over 20 seconds, which does not seem very long–except when you are shaking and wondering when it will stop.

There have been numerous smaller quakes throughout the afternoon, many of them centered just to the east/southeast of us, north of the border.

The main quake would count as one of the largest I have personnally experienced, going back to 1971 Sylmar and 1987 Whittier Narrows (when I lived in Orange County), and the Northridge and Landers quakes in the 1990s (when I lived on the coast in San Diego County). It is hard to rank them, given the vagaries of memory, but this probably felt bigger than some of those others, despite the distance.

No, earthquakes are not something you really ever get “used” to, and, yes, I could do without them.

2 thoughts on “Yes, we most certainly felt it

  1. If you moved to somewhere less shaky like the Western Division of New South Wales you’d be safe from everything except flea plagues and asteroid strikes. Oh, and a possible supervolcano. Glad to hear that all’s well.

  2. Yes, I was wondering, so thanks for the update. Since my in-laws in MV felt it, I figured you must have.

    And yes: 20 seconds is a long time when one is wondering when the earth is going to stop moving.

    Glad to hear that all is well.

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