Preparing the Ground to Plant

I thought I would write a quick intro post before doing some planting here in the orchard.

My name is Steven Taylor and I am an Associate Professor ((until 8/1. at which point the “Associate” part goes away.)) of Political Science at Troy University. I blog over at PoliBlog on whatever strikes my fancy (mostly electoral politics and democracy). ((Matthew actual guest-blogged over at PoliBlog right before starting F&V.))

I am the author of Voting Amid Violence: Electoral Democracy in Colombia and am currently working on a project with Matthew and two other co-authors on the US in comparative democratic perspective.

I have known Matthew since I was an undergraduate at UCI and Matthew had just finished his doctorate. I shall not detail exactly how many years ago that was.

BTW, it strikes me as odd (and hopefully not an omen) that I am starting this on April Fool’s Day…

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