More on Votos en Blanco (Colombia)

Cross-posted from PoliBlog:

I was looking at the vote for the Andean Parliament representatives and saw that the voto en blanco won the plurality of the votes in that contest.  However, unlike what may happen in the indigenous set-aside seat where voto en blanco appears to have won an absolute majority, the Andean Parliament results will stand.image More than just votos en blancos, the real winner in that Andean Parliament elections was votos no marcados, i.e., unmarked ballots, of which there were 2,186,486 (22.3% of ballots deposited in ballot boxes).  Basically over two million voters received the ballot and then deposited the unmarked ballots into the ballot box.

It is worth noting that this was the first time that voters where allowed a say in picking Colombia’s representatives to the Andean Parliament, and one suspects that most people had no idea what the thing was or anything about the candidates running.

The final breakdown of seats was 2 for La U and 1 each for the PL and PC.

Source for above: Registraduria Nacional del Estado Civil.

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