Great news for Colombian democracy!

The Constitutional Court of Colombia has blocked the planned referendum that would have opened the path to President Alvaro Uribe running for a third term.

This is a major benchmark (so to speak) in the maturity and institutionalization of Colombian democracy. I had long thought the third term ultimately would not happen, but my confidence in that expectation had been badly shaken as the process came this close to permitting the referendum.

The new president will be elected in May (or June, if a runoff is needed). Congress is elected in March, and there will be campaigns for various parties’ presidential candidacies, some of which will be decided in primaries concurrent with the legislative elections.

Much more at PoliBlog (Steven is leaving for some field research in Colombia rather soon; great timing, Steven!).

4 thoughts on “Great news for Colombian democracy!

  1. I have an uncontrollable urge to ask what should happen if Uribe tries to hold the referendum anyway (and if impeachment doesn’t exist).

  2. As one who was appalled by the reaction of the military and economic elite in Honduras, I am not so sanguine about what is happening in Columbia. I am of the view that two terms is probably enough for a president, though maybe three is good too. Certainly, one term is not enough for a healthy open society.

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