On the move

We have been on the move. To Ramona.

From finca to finca - 1

Naturally, some of the most important items to be moved were fruit trees. Here are seven of them loaded up and ready to go.

Following the move, in the middle of Chanukah, we were without internet for a time. The area is too remote for DSL and we did not want dial-up. There is a local wireless provider, with transmitters around the valley, but where the new house is located is in a bit of a valley, so getting a location where the company’s radio could “see” an antenna took some doing.

From finca to finca - 16

Here is the radio, mounted on a pole. (That’s the neighbor’s barn.)

From finca to finca - 14

And this is what the radio “sees.” Somewhere up there is the relay station.

From finca to finca - 17

And here is a portion of the nearly 500 feet of trench where conduit was installed to take the signal into the house (where it again becomes wireless). The trench goes by way of the well (where there is power, due to the pump). The well–yes, no more city water for irrigation!!–is that white object near the left of the photo. The house is over there on the other side of the trees.

From finca to finca - 4

The new digs.

Planting–the virtual kind, that is–will continue to be a bit more sporadic than usual for a while.

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