We had a good crop of persimmons this year at Ladera Frutal.


These are the ‘Tamopans.’ The heaviest crop we have had. The fruit has a unique shape and looks great hanging from the otherwise bare tree. No persimmon is as much fun to eat, and few are as tasty.


The ‘Coffeecake’ (a.k.a. ‘Nishimura Wase’) also had a heavy crop this year. Unlike last year, they were also good to eat. For some reason, last year’s crop never lost its astringency and was mostly inedible. This year, we saw why the variety has been so touted for its exceptional flavor.


For the second time in the last three years, almost the entire ‘Chocolate’ crop set on one branch, requiring some delicate bracing with wires and netting. This may be the very best persimmon, in my experience. Last year, we had few (none?) of these fall treats.

The crop was also heavy this year on the ‘Matsumoto Wase’ (a superior ‘Fuyu’ type). And there was a good crop on ‘Maru’ (though I found the fruit itself a bit disappointing).

All in all, a very good year for the persimmon orchardist!

4 thoughts on “Persimmons

  1. Looks great, but, what’s a “chocolate” persimmon?

    I was in Poway at Sukkot time and harvested our entire crop of Fuyus (all on one tree). I shipped them back to NYC with all the grapefruit I could harvest and the few pomegranates that fruited this year.

    The three in combination make a delicious fruit salad.

    I’m glad to see all is well at the Ladera Frutal.

    `//rite On!
    ,\ark Hurvitz

  2. ‘Chocolate’ is an astringent persimmon until soft ripe, unlike the Fuyu types, which are non-astringent. However, Chocolate does not have to be nearly as soft as ‘Hachiya’ to be palatable.

    It has brownish flesh, hence the name. And a very rich, sweet and vaguely ‘spicy’ flavor.

    Glad you found such a bounty at Poway Frutal!

  3. I have not heard of a vanilla persimmon, but a few moments on Google turned up a reference to a newer Israeli variety called ‘Sharon Fruit’ a.k.a. ‘vanilla.’ Apparently it is non-astringent (like Fuyu), but this is the first I have heard of this possible variety.

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