2.9 coming soon?

It looks as if Word Press will be releasing version 2.9 soon. So I will hold off for now updating the blogging software.

I may yet shut down comments until the update is installed, to ward off spammers. But for now I am leaving them open. Bulk-deletion is annoying, but not all that difficult, as long as the filter keeps holding the spam in moderation rather than letting even a small percentage of it to sprout in the orchard (as had been the case till yesterday when I adjusted some settings).

2 thoughts on “2.9 coming soon?

  1. WordPress has gotten really easy to update, over the last few revs (just a backup, which you’re doing already, of course, and a button push). So I wouldn’t have any hesitation in installing 2.8.x, with the intention of upgrading later to 2.9. Unless you have some other reason to need 2.9 features.

    I recommend the Bad Behavior plugin as a supplement to the built-in Akismet spam filter.

  2. At this blog, it is a bit more than a button push, alas.

    You are the second commenter in recent days to mention Bad Behavior. I shall have to check on it. Thanks.

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