Under attack

This site has been subjected to a rather massive spam attack overnight.

You may have seen some of the unwanted comments, but believe me, you saw a fraction. I did not count, but there may have been a hundred or more that the spam filter did intercept, but I still had to manually delete them because they were in moderation, rather than in the spam queue (where all can be deleted with one click).

I believe I accidentally dumped some legitimate comments in my haste to get through them all. I apologize if you were the victim of my hasty deletion. Feel free to re-post a deleted (non-spam) comment if you still have a draft.

I have had a message in my “dashboard” for months about a new version of Word Press being available. (In fact, in the time I have delayed updating, an even newer version has become available.) I have not had the time; and the site is sufficiently complex that updating is not straightforward (at least for someone of my limited website skills).

If these attacks continue, I may have to shut down comments temporarily until I can get the time to address the matter. Or I may at least have to shut down all older comment forms–older plantings, and a few specific ones, are more likely to get attacked by these pests. I would really hate to do that, because one of the things that really makes this blog work is the ability and willingness of readers to re-propagate an old planting when there is some new development.

Hang in there, loyal F&V visitors.

One thought on “Under attack

  1. I am sure you could find a volunteer among the eager planters. I’d offer myself but my time is consumed with an exciting and lucrative financial transaction for the widow of a former president of Nigeria.

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