Romania cabinet ousted

As anticipated, the minority cabinet in Romania’s semi-presidential system was removed from office in a no-confidence vote earlier this week.

The president will now have to nominate a new prime-minister candidate, but whatever government forms is expected to last only until a new president is sworn in following the election of 23 November. The new cabinet will probably be a nonpartisan caretaker while the parties focus on the presidential contest. (The parliament is only in the first year of its term.)

2 thoughts on “Romania cabinet ousted

  1. More probably the current interim cabinet will hold the administration of the country until after the presidential elections (November 22). Opposition parties announced that they will not give the vote of confidence to the nonpartisan new government team. Their main justification is that the proposed governmental team, though leaded by a technocrat, is filled on its important positions (interior minister, economics minister, transportation) by powerful leaders of the party (PDL) supporting the current president. And since the parliament cannot be dissolved in the last six months of the presidential mandate, the current president cannot use this stick to motivate opposition MPs to defect and give a vote of confidence to the proposed governmental team.

  2. The president’s proposed new PM was defeated in parliament; and this was after a reorganized government with the same PM had been defeated.

    Robert Elgie has some interesting updates and context on this situation.

    The presidential election is coming up later this month, and the incumbent, Basescu is trailing.

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