Jamaica premiere!

Yes, the long awaited debut of the Jamaica coalition: Saarland’s government has been formed.

Meanwhile, in the comment thread to the linked post, there is an interesting note about Schleswig-Holstein:

It is to have a CDU+FDP government too (unless a Left Party challenge of the state’s seat allocation rules leads to a ruling correcting the situation that black-yellow have a majority of seats with a minority of the vote).

2 thoughts on “Jamaica premiere!

  1. Ah yes: The Schleswig-Holstein Question. Actually the Green Party and the Danish/Frisian minority party SSW are filing a complaint as well.


    The mess in Thüringen is equally interesting. It was an internal (but anonymous) revolt in the SH SPD which brought down Heide Simonis in 2005 and paved the way for the grand coalition under Carstensen. Apparently, the fear of defections has also been one of Matthias Platzeck’s motives for going for a Red-Red coalition in Brandenburg.

    German politics is fascinating.

  2. Saarland’s government has been formed? Not quite. The potential government coalition terms have yet to be negotiated. But it will be Jamaica, unless the Greens overplay their hand.

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