I do political “science”

I am sorry, but I have been too “busy” doing my “research.” Or maybe I should say loafing at the taxpayers’ expense, on my NSF boondoggle that contributes nothing to society.

Or at least that is what Sen. Coburn “argues” in an amendment he has introduced to eliminate federal funding for political “science.” After all, with CNN and Fox to expound on politics for us, who needs “professors” and their meaningless “knowledge”?

Steven has some comments, too, and links to other members of the “profession” who should spend more time blogging and less time enjoying leisure under the guise of Science.

OK, back to wasting your hard-earned dollars…

3 thoughts on “I do political “science”

  1. Since Coburn doesn’t think there is any value to political science, and senators seem to think baseball is so important, may I propose that Matthew present a proposal to study some element of baseball, perhaps even his own beloved Angels?

    Knowing the lack of any concern for public policy among Republican leaders these days, other than saying no to salutary public policies like health insurance for all, this should be both lucrative and fun!

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