Final day of season (or is it?)

As September began, it did not seem likely that any race would go down to the last day this year. But then, on came the Twins, the Rockies, and the Braves.

The Rockies’ and Braves’ battle for the NL Wild Card was especially exciting given that they had no scheduled games against one another after the All Star Break. And the last week in the West sure has been a tense thriller, as we awaited the determination of which of (Rockies, Dodgers) would win the NL West and which the Wild Card (once the late-surging Braves lost their momentum).

But here we are on the last day, and the Tigers and Twins still have their epic battle for AL fifth best record going strong! It may even go all the way to Tuesday, in order that the final regular-season baseball game ever to be played in the Metrodome can wait for a football game to be played.

Is this yet another thrilling end to a regular season, or what!

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