Party-list boo-boo and MNTV demands

A “well informed source” relates the following notes about elections in the Palestinian Territories:

1. They have been having rolling local elections but for some reason they decided to use list PR but didn’t force candidates to link themselves to parties either during nomination, or on the ballot. Thus, when they tried to allocate seats…errr…they couldn’t. So they had to go back to candidates and ask them which party they were, but most refused to tell them, so [and this is what another well informed source told source no. 1] the election commission just did it themselves (literally saying “we know who you really are aligned with) and just made parties themselves – fabulous!

2. The current Hamas central council elections are the block vote [what we call MNTV here at F&V], with 100+ to be elected, 600 candidates and you MUST use all votes.

5 thoughts on “Party-list boo-boo and MNTV demands

  1. Out of curiosity… Would 100 seats be the highest district magnitude for any public or semi-public (“shadow govt”) MNTV election known? And would minimum 100 votes be the largest minimum vote stipulation for an MNTV election? (At least until the largest US State edges up to 101 Presidential Electors…)

  2. Tom, while I can’t say for sure, probably ‘yes’ is the answer to both of your questions.

    As for your reference to the electoral college, it has been a very long time since any state has used MNTV for its electors (to my knowledge). The usual formula is “list plurality” or “party block vote” (with the recent qualification that Maine and Nebraska elect some by FPTP).

  3. I do recall reading that “in most” (not all) “States the ballot shows only the Pres and VP candidates, not the candidates for Elector”, but these may well be out of date. Quaere whether these allow voters to pick individual candidates for Elector. (However as recently as 1960 this was an issue in Mississippi – one of various reasons why it’s hard to say exactly how many Americans “really” voted for JFK).

    Putting aside the USEC, Middle Eastern countries seem to be the world leaders for large-district MNTV, but even then the DM is rarely more than a dozen.

  4. There might still be some states where the elector-candidates’ names are on the ballot, but not where voters can vote for those candidates individually (thereby spitting a ticket or partially abstaining).

    But I thought I had read somewhere that no state still bothered to print the names.

  5. While most factions support the holding of elections, division continues over the particulars, where Hamas has requested a 50/50 proportional/constituency divide, and Fatah, which supported complete proportional representation, said it would okay a 25/75 proportional/constituency election.”

    But in both cases, presumably still MMM. Has anyone in Fatah noticed the MMP system yet? Why not?

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