New paper: Duverger’s contribution and the ‘semi-presidential’ model

I have just uploaded a working paper, “The ‘Semi-presidential’ model and its subtypes: Party presidentialization and the selection and de-selection of prime ministers,” For French Political Science Association symposium on the contributions of Maurice Duverger to political science, September 2009.

Although it is a “working paper,” it is more or less complete, as it needs to be translated for publication in France.

The paper is co-authored with David Samuels, and based on part of our nearly finished book (the older chapter drafts of which may also be accessed from the same link).

3 thoughts on “New paper: Duverger’s contribution and the ‘semi-presidential’ model

  1. Hey MSS,

    If I add your working papers to my bibliography, should your co-author be cited as “Pachón, Mónica Buitrago” or “Pachón Buitrago, Mónica”?

    (And should the Spanish versions have your name as “Mateo Chugarte”?)

  2. Tom, the latter would be correct for Monica and most Spanish names. (That is the convention, and it has led me to have a few citations in Spanish sources as “Soberg Shugart, Matthew.)

    By the way, the paper you refer to is being revised substantially. The revision will be posted and announced some time soon.

  3. Gracias (well, one gracia at least).

    Let’s spare a thought for poor “George, David Lloyd (1911) The Parliament Act (UK)” next time we cite it/ him.

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