It was a good season for plumcots.


The Mesh Mesh Amrah had a pretty good crop, and ripened earlier than usual. Pictured here on the last day of May, part way through the harvest period.


And the Flavorella, always somewhat of a shy bearer, had a better crop than usual (pictured on 5 June).

The Mesh Mesh Amrah has gotten so big (even with my regular pruning) that I can hardly believe that it is the same tree that I dug up, with some assistance from my wife, from our old place in Carlsbad in 2002. (I still had a relatively healthy back at the time.)

Plumcots have such a distinctive flavor–clearly a best of both worlds!

2 thoughts on “Plumcots

  1. good afternoon friend, I read you have the fruit tree plumcot flavorella.

    I am a collector of fruit trees ,I would like to get 2 or 3 cuttings of this tree plumcot flavorella.

    can you send 2 or 3 cuttings of this variety?

    I frame some 200 varieties of fruit and could send you to root cuttingsor grafting of the varieties that you would like.


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