Yesterday I looked out the window at about six in the morning and saw an unusual reflection. What was it? Oh, morning sun–the first time in nearly six weeks that there had been actual sunshine at sunrise.

Today things have returned to normal.

View to the east of the finca, 8:40 a.m., 17 June 2009

3 thoughts on “Normal

  1. This month is now tied in New York City for second wettest June on record, and its on pace to take first.

    Sunday was the first day in weeks that it was clear, not rainy and not cloudy and humid and building up to rain. Today was the second day, and it is supposed to rain later tonight.

    Not a good time for allergy sufferers for for people with sinus conditions.

    Its been compared to Seattle, but I remember a steady drizzle in Seattle and not this constant humid buildup to rain.

  2. I thought I was seeing an unusually high number of east-coast baseball games this month either postponed or played through wet conditions.

  3. It looks like this will be the wettest June in New York since records started being kept. According to this NY Times article, meteorologists at least are excited:

    The wettest month ever in NY was apparently in September 1882, when over 16 inches of rain fell. This month is unlikely to beat that, but its conceivable. The ten day forecast calls for rain on most of the next ten days.

    Its not a steady drizzle. There is a kind of a yucky humid buildup to rain throughout most of the day, then rain for several hours, then back to the buildup. Pollen count is high too.

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