2 thoughts on “NPV update

  1. I know this is a tangential concern, but last year a politically-minded friend here in Puerto Rico was telling me that the Commonwealth’s government should join forces with stateside backers of direct presidential elections: the way he saw it, Washington would pay more attention to us if we voted in U.S. presidential elections (we don’t participate in them now because the U.S. Constitution only provides for the appointment of presidential electors by the states and D.C., the latter via the 23rd Amendment).

    At any rate, I replied off-handedly that he was assuming that the powers that be back in the states wouldn’t continue to exclude Puerto Rico from presidential elections even after these were to be carried out by popular vote, adding that they’d be capable of doing that.

    Then, a few months later I came across the NPV website, and after going over their proposals, I could only conclude that sadly, I was right on target.

  2. I propose the Electoral College votes being allocated by using a “Full Representation” system.

    a) First stage: all Electors in each state are allocated proportionally by candidate; the “victory threshold” is votes/seats in a state. Divide the candidate’s votes by the “victory threshold” to allocate the Electors.

    b) Second stage: all unallocated Electors at the state level will be allocated at-large nationwide. A threshold of 3 Electors won at the state level will be enough to qualify a candidate. All “wasted votes” (surplus or unused votes) will be pooled; votes for a candidate that didn’t get 3 Electors will transfer to the other candidates.

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