Electoral reform in the Czech Republic?

Electoral reform is being debated (again) in the Czech Republic. Dr Sean has the details.

0 thoughts on “Electoral reform in the Czech Republic?

  1. This is fascinating. Not sure if Nathan B. or I talked to you about this, but we spent a good long time between ourselves about how we need to spend more time studying Greece because of all the weird components therein. If the Czechs do change the electoral system (I doubt they would…) it’ll be worth a good long look, both at the process of the electoral change itself and the outcome thereof, since they seem to be up to the Greek/Japanese tricks….

    Now, on other important things besides electoral reforms, 5 for 7 from our new middle infield today. Seems that Wood is actually adjusting to the bigs…which is a very good sign.


  2. Little to add, Dr.Sean is very precise in his description. The Dutch ( small bonus) and Greek analogy (two tiers with different thresholds) holds, while the Scotch does not (two tiers with different divisor for the winning party and the rest of the field in the second tier has been proposed).

    A fine piece of electoral engineering, providing the winner and the small parties with some surplus seats at the expense of the runner-up and the medium-sizes communists, the fate of the bill is uncertain at best with ruling coalition losing the majority these days.


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