Second baseman, Juan Rivera

I can’t let the week pass without noting the oddity of Juan Rivera getting in an inning at second base. Alas, nothing was hit his way.

His pinch-hit two-bagger the next night was more like it.

0 thoughts on “Second baseman, Juan Rivera

  1. Ouch! And it doesn’t seem like there will be much help coming either, seeing as that Eck just got dealt to AZ. One sort of emegency option might be to try Teixeira at 3b–he was a college third baseman and, from what I heard, not a bad one–about 10 years ago, I guess–and move Figgy to 2nd–while trying Rivera at 1st…..

    Of course, then, there are the mysteries of the Greek electoral system….


  2. Henry, I like that idea a lot, for as long as Kendrick is out.

    I saw Teixeira play third in both the Ariz. Fall League and once with Texas. In the Texas game, Hank Blalock started at second!

    I hope Brandon Wood’s success in recent games is a sign of things to come. I would sure rather have him playing than S-Rod!


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