Time to crank up the Fight Song: the Angels pulled the trade trigger. Mark Teixeira is coming to a first base bag near me!

The Angels sent first baseman Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Stephen Marek to Atlanta for Teixeira, a first baseman.

A lot lower cost than had been rumored. Just this morning, the LA Times had said the Braves were expected to demand Kotchman, a starting pitcher in (or soon to be in) the major leagues, and an outfielder (presumably Juan Rivera).

This makes the team with the best record in the AL just that much better. I have liked ‘Tex’ a lot since I first saw him the Arizona Fall League not all that many years ago.

I don’t like rentals, so I sure hope the Angels sign him. But if this gets them deep into October, it will be worth it no matter what. Besides, as much as I like Kotchman, he’s had ample opportunity to show he is more than a .280 hitter capable of 15 or so homers a year. And he hasn’t.

Big deal.

0 thoughts on “TEX!

  1. The scuttlebutt on the Angels post game talk shows tonight is that with Garland and Rodriguez eligible for free agency and the team holding options for next season for Anderson and Guerrero, they decided to take a short term approach and try to win it all in October.

  2. Yes, the Angels are likely to look a lot different next year, due to all those free agents. I assume they will opt to retain Vlad, but the others will go, opening up a lot of payroll for new signings or trades, as well as slots for younger players.

    Greg: Yes, I am rather enjoying it.

  3. And in the last game of the Yankee series, Tex showed why we got him. His dramatic grand slam recovered an Angels lead, But the team was just determined to lose…

    That was one tough loss.

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