Heavy Kuban

(Yes, contrary to blog appearances, I am still here.)

The Kuban Burgundy plum, growing just outside the corralito, seems rather happy with the amount of chill we had this year. I think there are about 15-18 fruits on this one (weighted-down) branch. ((Actually, 33. So much for my estimation skills.))

Of course, that chill is a distant memory now. It was 99 yesterday, and today marked the third straight day, and the fifth this month (April!), over 90. ((And then on 30 April it would almost feel like winter again.))

0 thoughts on “Heavy Kuban

  1. hmmm, I guess this is not one for me then LOL…. I was considering buying this plum tree for its hardyness, but seeing that it already has FRUIT where you are, we have snow on the ground (Colorado 7500 feet)!! Of course raintree is sold out for the year already so there.


  2. With the caveat that I don’t know what will fruit at 7500 feet, obviously if it were adapted there it would bloom and fruit a good deal later in your climate, Etha.


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