Illinois enters the compact

Better news for democratic reform than the previous planting…

Illinois has joined the interstate compact that would lead to a National Popular Vote for President, Jack notes.

0 thoughts on “Illinois enters the compact

  1. Is anyone (else) worried about blatantly partisan manipulation of this system?

    There is a six-month “blackout period” from July 20 to January 20 when states cannot enter or leave the compact for the current election. But state legislatures could (and would) act right up until the deadline, with legislatures controlled by the party that appears have something to gain from NPV opting in and conversely for legislatures controlled by the other party. A portion of this circus would coincide with presidential primaries and caucuses. Voters in the primaries and caucuses would be choosing their candidate not knowing which rules were going to be used.

    I think electoral rules should be structured to be relatively immune to manipulation for partisan advantage. At a bare minimum, they should be set in stone before the nomination process begins. To qualify, the NPV proposal would have to include a much longer blackout period.

    I used to be neutral on NPV, on the grounds that direct election is a good thing even though election by plurality vote is unacceptable. Now I think I’m opposed to this proposal.

  2. Bob, yes, I would be somewhat concerned about that. July is quite late to allow an opt-out.

    That does not mean I am expressing opposition. Just concern that deserves more airing.

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