ZANU-PF has lost control of the assembly

The Independent reports that official figures show that the ruling ZANU-PF has lost control of the National Assembly of Zimbabwe. The Movement for Democratic Change has won 105 seats to the ruling party’s 94 (with one independent). (That would leave 10 seats not called.)

That is quite an admission.

The Independent and The Guardian also report that the “mainstream faction” of the MDC says its leader, Morgan Tsvangari, has won the presidency outright, with 50.3% to 43.8% for Robert Mugabe and 7% for Simba Makoni. The Guardian has somewhat different numbers for the assembly: 111 for the opposition, 96 of which are MDC. ((The Independent Results Centre now shows 99 MDC and 95 ZANU-PF, out of 206 complete. It agrees with what is reported here on the presidential race.))

With no official results for the presidential election yet announced, one still wonders if Mugabe is trying for a second best scenario. Call it the Kenya option. He retains the presidency while admitting loss of the assembly. Of course, in Kenya, that option resulted in significant violence and then an agreement, still not finalized, on power-sharing and semi-presidentialism. In other words, it is not an especially auspicious option, especially given how much worse the pre-election governance and economic situations were in Zimbabwe than in Kenya.

0 thoughts on “ZANU-PF has lost control of the assembly

  1. “The smaller opposition group has confirmed to The Independent that it will help form a majority against Zanu-PF.”

    That is a reference to a faction of the MDC that ran as a separate party in this election, and backed the third presidential candidate (Makoni).

    Still no official result in the presidential elections, but various news reports saying that the MDC’s own figures do not show its candidate, Tsvangari, with a majority after all. (Yet the Independent Results Centre website still shows him with 50.3%.) Various reports also now saying Mugabe is ready to contest a runoff, updating previous reports in which he was said to consider the prospect beneath his dignity.

  2. ZANU-PF retains the Senate:

    The ZEC has now announced all 60 Senate seats for those Senators who are elected by the people.

    The final count, for those 60, is as follows: Zanu PF has 30 seats, the MDC MT has 24 seats and the MDC has 6 seats.

    There are 93 Senators; the linked item explains the rest.

  3. ZANU-PF retains the Senate

    Maybe. The President appoints 15 senators, so if Tsvangirai wins the presidential vote, these seats will presumably go to the MDC. The remaining 18 seats go to chiefs, who are state salaried and thus have an incentive to support the ruling party. It’s probably fairer to say that the Senate will be controlled by whoever wins the presidency.

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