Californians: Yes on 93

If you are a voter in California (and you haven’t voted early by now), please vote yes on 93. This is the measure that changes the term limits provisions on California legislators. It is a very partial reform, but in the right direction. Bruce Cain, political scientist at UC Berkeley, expresses the logic well:

One of the most important findings in our PPIC ((Public Policy Institute of California.)) report on term limits is that there is a pressing need to hold the executive branch accountable, particularly in the budget process, to ensure that taxpayer money isn’t being wasted. Amending term limits to give legislators more time and incentives to develop expertise will be an important step toward making state agencies, and the executive branch as a whole, more accountable. This is an important reform – it’s a basic issue of checks and balances.

The above comes from the website, at which there is also a link to a radio ad featuring my colleague, Thad Kousser.

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