South Carolina turnout

Does anyone else find the following as amazing as I do?

Votes cast in 2008 presidential primary, as a share of 2004 presidential general election votes for the party:

    .446 Republican
    .805 Democratic

In November, 2004, John Kerry won 661,699 votes. In last Saturday’s Democratic primary, 532,468 voters took part. For Bush and the Republican primary, the numbers are 937,974 and 418,073.

Yes, the total votes cast in the two 2008 primaries were barely more than Bush’s votes in 2004. These are just primaries, after all. Still, Democrats turned out 56.0% of those who voted in a primary in a state in which Bush beat Kerry, 58.1-40.7. ((And lest you think that 2004 margin was unusual, given the Rovian mobilization and the presence of a New Englander as the Democratic candidate: In 2000, Bush beat Gore, 56.8-40.9, with Nader at 1.5%.))

Additionally, as pointed out a PolySigh, Obama himself got about 11,000 more votes than McCain and Huckabee combined.

No, I don’t think a Democrat can win South Carolina in the fall. But these numbers are still amazing.

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