The Fred and Mitt shuffle

Mitt Romney is reportedly pulling his ads from all states other than Michigan, which selects a mere 30 delegates on 15 January. He is evidently counting on fond memories of his dad’s “moderate to liberal” governorship to help the son be “the standard bearer of the Reagan Coalition.” ((George Romney was governor of the state from 1963 to 1969.))

Meanwhile, Fred Thompson “makes his stand” in South Carolina, a state he says is “tailor made” for grassroots campaigning. That is appropriate, because watching Fred campaign is a lot like watching grass grow.

It hardly can be a good sign for the candidates, or the party, when those seeking the right to run for a national office under the banner of a state-sponsored party pick and choose the states in which they will actually campaign. So, I can only conclude that the Republican party must not be a national party.

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