Jim E. to SD

The Padres have traded for one of my favorite ballplayers. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Jim Edmonds has shown no sign these last two seasons of the peak performance that made his Hall of Fame case seem reasonable as recently as spring, 2006.

If he has anything left, this will be fun to watch (well, if I were able to watch Padres games other than the few I manage to attend, that is). But if he is as washed up as I think he is, then it will be very painful to watch Jim E.–both as a hitter and a fielder–in that vast ballpark.

0 thoughts on “Jim E. to SD

  1. This deal is OK, since we don’t have anyone in the minors ready to play center every day. Kevin Towers said he figured Edmonds was good for a .270 AVG, 15-20 homers, and a .350 OBP. So expectations aren’t really high anyway.

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