So, just when I thought maybe Tony Reagins was a smart GM (the O. Cabrera-Garland trade), he goes out to prove my judgment was way too premature.

Apparently, the new GM thinks that his team can’t have too many aging and overpaid left- or center-fielders.

Torii Hunter will turn 33 during the next season, and thus 38 before this contract (assuming it is finalized) is up. He had a .334 OBP last year, which is certainly not terrible, but it was only .311 on the road (where he hit only .272). Last three years he’s got a .335 OBP and .487 slugging (.326/.492 away, so not much difference). Well, at least his 45 doubles in 2007 (21 away from the Twin Bagger (or is that Baggy?) Dome) were by far a career high. Otherwise, his peak was 2002. That was a long time ago in a ballplayer’s lifetime. And, with moves like this, the Angels’ 2002 peak won’t be revisited again for some time, either.

0 thoughts on “Hunter?

  1. The main result of having three outfielders and a DH/outfielder older than 30 will be that Reggie Willits will still have plenty of playing time…..


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