The Cabrera-Garland trade

Because folks want to know what I think…

I was pleasantly shocked by the Cabrera-Garland trade. The Angels have two excellent shortstop prospects whose progress has been blocked by Cabrera. O-Cab is a terrific glove man, but not much of a hitter, other than singles (and in 2007, he rediscovered his doubles swing). Garland is a decent 4th or 5th starter who eats up innings and is in his prime. Cabrera is well past his prime. I never liked his signing, and this is a great first trade by the new GM, trading away a fan favorite (who I also thought was one of the manager’s favorite) who is overrated and over the hill and getting good value in return.

0 thoughts on “The Cabrera-Garland trade

  1. I agree–Cabrera had a career year, which raised his value, but it is very hard to see him doing it again, so the Angels dealt him at a good time.

    You really have it in for shortstops today, though…


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