You know your readers care when your sitemeter stats go crazy during a local crisis.

Normally this blog receives maybe 150-200 visitors per day. (This isn’t DailyKos!) But this week, starting with a fairly normal Sunday and continuing during the worst of the fires:

    10/21: 198
    10/22: 565
    10/23: 643
    10/24: 497
    10/25: 308

I sense a return to normal here soon. That’s good news.

Thanks again for all of your concern!

0 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. I was one who came multiple times (all those Charlotte hits were likely obvious!) to see if you had reappeared, as I knew other people who had to evacuate and hoped you wouldn’t have to. It looks like (knock on wood) my parents will also be OK.

  2. Well, if they stay a bit higher it might be that some of my students will check out your blog… .

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