Parts of Bonsall being evacuated

1:00 a.m.

Reverse 9-1-1 was used to issue mandatory evacuations in the communities of Bonsall, San Luis Rey Heights and Winterwarm on the north side of Highway 76. Residents should use Highway 76 heading west away from the fires.

The Oceanside Police Department reports that the shelter at El Camino High School is full and evacuees should to go to MiraCosta College at 1 Barnard Drive off of College Avenue, north of Highway 78 in Oceanside.

Bonsall. That’s us. But it’s a big area, and so far our part is not under the orders.

Another sleepless night.

UCSD closed rest of the week. I-5 now closed between San Diego and Orange Counties.

Conditions here: No wind whatsoever all night, and the last gust of more than a 1 or 2 MPH was mid-afternoon and on-shore (S/SW). It’s 64 degrees, 31% humidity.

0 thoughts on “Parts of Bonsall being evacuated

  1. 3:46 AM. Glad I slept from 10 to 1, because I doubt I am going to sleep the rest of the night, but for now the evidence still points to nothing heading this way.

    I do think the local authorities are over-reacting just a bit this time in ordering evacuations well away from current fire lines. I know that is better than what they did in 2003, which was more or less nothing for several hours while fires bore down on populated areas. But at the moment I am actually more in fear of the evacuation order, per se, than I am of a fire actually threatening us.

    Neighbor closest to us, up hill, in direction fire would most likely have to come from, has been irrigating his avo grove for about 8 hours. That’s good (as long as his slope does not slide down on us from over-saturation–no, not a real risk). I am running some of my avo irrigation right now, too. Avos will burn, of course, but quite slowly. And there are many thousands of avo trees between us and the current fire line. Still no wind, other than a brief 6 MPH NE gust at 2:18.

    Lots of ash in the air.


  2. Oh, just heard there is a danger to western Fallbrook from a fire in Camp Pendleton. The winds up there apparently are now onshore. Which is bad for Fallbrook. This particular area is NOT near us.


  3. Just realized. I can see stars!

    Although it still smells smoky and one can see ash falling, the worst of the smoke has cleared. The moon is very much visible off to the west, quite high in the sky. It has an orangish cast, but very bright and beautiful!


  4. Two posts at the NCT discussion say that an area very close to us, to the west, has just received reverse 911 calls to get out, and another says the fire has jumped hwy. 76 north of us.

    We may be bugging out after all. If no updates here for an extended period, that’s why. (I do not have a laptop.)

    However, the SD emergency site indicates it was updated at 4:00 a.m., yet there is nothing new posted on this (or any) area. So, who knows?…


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  6. Matt: I am thinking of you from afar (from New Zealand to be precise). My parents lost their home, car, and all their belongings in the February 1967 “Black Tuesday” Tasmanian bushfires. The news during the past few days from southern California (and especially from the area around San Diego) in New Zealand’s newspapers and on New Zealand television has made me think about what happened to my parents more than forty years ago, and I do sincerely hope that nothing like that happens to you. All the very best, Nigel Roberts (Victoria University of Wellington).


  7. One hears about the fires in the news over here, but now I ‘know’ someone over there, it’s different! Take care and I wish you all the luck you should need.


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