Fall color, Ladera Frutal style

Only a few deciduous trees in this Mediterranean climate show good fall foliage color, and those that do often don’t show it till late October or into November. So, around these parts, “fall color” means the ripening of the persimmons.


The tree in front is the ‘Coffeecake’ (a.k.a. ‘Nishimura Wase’), always the first to ripen here. It has its color, but it will be several days before the first fruit is edible. Other persimmons stand uphill from it, with fruit that will ripen in the coming month.

Above the persimmons, at around 0900 local time, the moon is visible, at just about halfway between its full and third-quarter phases. Just as it should be, with today being the fourth day of Sukkot. (It is good to know some things remain in alignment!) This is the waning harvest moon, and persimmons are always one of the main harbingers that the late fall harvest season is coming.

0 thoughts on “Fall color, Ladera Frutal style

  1. Thank you for stopping by at “Aufbau Ost”. Read your comment and think I know where this beautiful area is that you drove through in 1999. And Dresden has just changed quite bit in the last years, after all the “church of our lady” is now complete. Plus there was a lot of construction in Dresden after the flood of 2002 had passed through.

    BTW, I am not sure if you have seen it already (or are even interested in seeing it), but I posted my moonrise picture on my photo blog I had to wait a while to take this picture as there was some initial haze when the moon came up. Still glorious and enjoyable.

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