Light up the Halo!

The Angels clinch the West. And how sweet to do it at home (the last home game of the regular season) and in full view of the Mariners.

Time, once again, to crank up the Fight Song!

All that’s left to sort out in the AL is the seeding. All four teams are still very much in play for top record, and the Yankees and Red Sox could yet trade positions as East winner/Wild Card.

0 thoughts on “Light up the Halo!

  1. Chris, not even close. The 1995 Angels had an 11 game lead on 9 August (it was 13 games, I think, on the Mariners; the Rangers were in second place when the Fold For the Ages began). The 2007 Mariners were never even in first place.

    But I will admit that from the brink of taking the lead to 8.5 out in the course of a month is impressive.

    But you should commiserate with fans of this year’s Cardinals, who have a similar tale of woe.

    (“Fold for the Ages” is from the title of an essay in the Big Bad Baseball Annual, 1996, that I highly recommend.)


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