Yoinashi: The essential Asian pear

If you have ever thought about planting an Asian pear–or if you have had Asian pears and think they are uninteresting–treat yourself to a ‘Yoinashi.’ It is the essential Asian pear. Our are just ripening now. The flavor is outstanding, suggestive of brown sugar and butterscotch. The texture is firm, but not overly coarse. It has a fair amount of juice by the standards of Asian pears. The skin is smooth and very much edible. And the fruit itself is gorgeous to look at.

There are lots of Asian pears that can be too coarse, not as sweet as they should be, have tough skin, or otherwise undesirable qualities. Yoinashi is without flaw, in my experience.

I would say to plant Yoinashi if you plant only one. However, you probably have to plant more than one. Almost all Asian pears require cross-pollination, and I have so many varieties ((For example, the three others on the same tree as my Yoinashi, as shown in the final photo in the most recent FRUITS planting in the virtual orchard.)) that I can’t say whether any one is the optimal cross-pollinator. But Hosui (also a good one) and Shinseiki (not the best tasting, but certainly not bad) would be good candidates.

0 thoughts on “Yoinashi: The essential Asian pear

  1. I would like to purchase Yoinashi. I’m in Atlanta and some times it gets very cold here. Do you think Yoinashe will survive the cold. If you need to call me my number is [suppressed; I wonder if you knew your number would be available to anyone with an Internet connection!–MSS]

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