Japan’s upper house election: Fujimori is running on the PNP list

Alberto Fujimori, the former president of Peru, is running in this Sunday’s election for Japan’s upper house. Answering a question I raised here in June and at PoliBlog earlier today, a colleague who is currently in Japan reports that Fujimori is running on the national list.

In the upper house, there is both a nominal tier (plurality in SSDs or SNTV, depending on the prefecture) and a parallel proportional allocation by list. The list is open, so presumably the party has determined that his celebrity might bring a few extra votes to the party, through people wanting to cast a preference vote for the Peruvian Samurai.

The party he is running for is the Peoples New Party, one of the parties formed by the so-called “traitors” who voted against former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s postal privatization. As I noted at the earlier planting on this topic (first link above), this is ironic, inasmuch as Fujimori was “Mr Privatization” (as well as Mr Scandal and Mr Human Rights Abuses and various other epithets we could give him) when he was president.

The PNP has the list of candidates (in Japanese, which my colleague reads, but I don’t).

0 thoughts on “Japan’s upper house election: Fujimori is running on the PNP list

  1. Can he beat George Waterhouse who was Premier of South Australia (before Australia was federalised) and then New Zealand? He is apparently the only person to be premier of two different colonies (many have been governor of different colonies).

  2. Matt,

    Out of curiosity, I followed the links through to Fujimori’s profile on the PNP’s webiste, not having looked at the PNP’s website before. A couple interesting (amusing?) tidbits:

    The site only refers to him by his family name (Fujimori), not both his family name and first name (which is rather unusual for this sort of profile in Japan).

    His “experience” is listed as follows:
    Instructor, Professor and then Dean at UNALM. Elected President of Peru, then re-elected. Also listed under experience: the beginning and resolution of the Japanese embassy hostage incident.

    Apparently the hostage incident was the most important thing during his Presidency. Or at least they didn’t feel like listing anything else, although they do have a one-liner at the top of the page that “Making use of his experience as President, he will straighten out his homeland Japan.”

    I hope that works out better in Japan than it did in Peru.

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