The first Italian-American woman President

Among the many potential “firsts” in the 2008 field of US presidential candidates would be the first woman to be President (Clinton) or the first Italian-American (Giuliani). In fact, those two New York politicians are still the supposed front-runners to face each other in the next general election.

But as I drive around northern San Diego County, I am expressing my desire to combine these characteristics–Italian-American and woman–in one person to sit in the Oval Office. And to do it now. I mean, really, why choose? And, more importantly, why wait?

Click and scroll right (sigh) for a close-up

Pictured parked alongside the corralito, the sticker on the right-rear bumper of the official Ladera Frutal pick-up certainly makes me popular here whenever I drive around our congressional district, which is firmly in the grip of the Viper.

Of course, the wish expressed on the bumper really says nothing about the Italian-American woman herself (nor her heritage, nor her gender), but about whom she would be replacing.

Just doing my small part to put impeachment on the table. Because if we don’t hold this president and vice president accountable, we set a terrible precedent. We, and the Democrats we put in charge of Congress in 2006, would be showing an unforgivable lack of seriousness about protecting the Constitution.

This 4th of July, 2007, let’s celebrate our freedom by putting impeachment–double impeachment–on the table. Because our freedom can’t wait till 2008.

Happy Independence Day!

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