Plum-apricot hybrids

I have written before about apriums and pluots and the Mesch Mesch Amrah plumcot. Here is yet another: the Flavorella plumcot.


We had only three Flavorellas on our tree this year, yet as desirable as a bountiful harvest would be, the tree still earns its keep with the incredibly luscious flavor of this fruit. It may be the best of the class of plum-apricot hybrids, and that is saying something.

Speaking of Mesch Mesch, it also had a light crop this year. This is about half this year’s crop depicted here.


The Mesch Mesch has had heavy crops in some past years, and none in others (including 2006). The Flavorella has never had a heavy crop; in fact, the three this year probably bring its total bounty up to about five in four years. I am not sure what the problem might be. Mesch Mesch Amrah blooms heavily almost every year, but early. Flavorella usually blooms well (though not as heavy as MMA), and also on the early side. There could be a problem of a shortage of compatible pollen so early, and perhaps these two plumcots are not inter-fruitful. Some years, though certainly not this one, there may have been inadequate chill (despite the bloom) or the spring may have been too wet. Continued experimentation with other early blooming plums, apricots, and their hybrids would seem to be in order.

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