Cherry blossoms

There’s nothing like getting 650-700 hours of chill!


All four varieties of mature cherry tree are in bloom this spring. From right to left:

    Royal Rainier (low chill, fruited deliciously two years ago; blooms but no fruit in the wet spring of 2006)

    Stella (low chill, has fruited more than once, even in its former home at Carlsbad by the Sea; heavy bloom this year)

    Craig’s Crimson (by reputation, one of the best cherries; bloomed last year for first time, but no fruit)

    Bing (yes, the famous Bing, listed at 700-800 hours and showing a few blooms for the first time now; is fruit possible?)

A fifth variety, much younger and not shown, is White Gold. It has Stella in its parentage, and like all our varieties other than Bing, is self-fruitful (a feature that is claimed by some growers to favor low-chill fruit set). It is starting to wake up only in the last few days and it’s too early to know if it will bloom, too.

Update: On 15 April, three flower buds on ‘White Gold’ opened!

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