Benin’s legislative election delayed

Benin’s government postponed Sunday’s parliamentary elections by a week to March 31 after days of wrangling in the electoral commission meant ballot papers were not ready, a minister said late on Friday.

(The planting I had on this election has been taken down temporarily; it will go back “in the ground” the day of the rescheduled election.)

0 thoughts on “Benin’s legislative election delayed

  1. The Belgian air force plays a role in the election campaign of the incumbent president in Benin: two Belgian military helicopters were in Benin because Benin was considering buying four of them. The Belgian crew now complains it is used as plain taxidrivers so that the president can support in person his canditates throughout the country. (I can’t find a source in English or outside Belgium to confirm; in french and dutch in the Belgian ‘Hansard’: p. 8)

    André Flahaut, the defence minister in question, likes to praise African incumbents. Earlier this year he announced in Kinshasa he wanted to appoint the DRC president Kabila ‘doctor honiris causa’ at the Belgian military academy, but the teachers and the other ministers opposed him publicly.

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