The Red Baron and Peppermint (though not Patty)

Red Baron and Peppermint.JPG

That’s the Red Baron on the left, Peppermint on the right. (I suppose that was obvious, the names being fairly descriptive.) Red Baron is a fruiting-flowering peach with the darkest red blooms of any peach I know, and great fruit. Peppermint is a flowering peach with spectacular red, pink, and white variegated flowers (but little and mediocre fruit, which is why it is called a flowering peach).

Note how closely set the blooms are on the Red Baron. Note also how the occasional branch on the Peppermint is all red. Or, closer up, the occasional individual flower will be all red on a branch that is otherwise full of striped flowers.

Peppermint close-up.JPG

These trees are always among the great pleasures of spring at Ladera Frutal. And judging by the viewer stats at the Flickr page, many folks agree, voting by their clicking to make last year’s photo of these trees one of the ten most popular Ladera Frutal photos.

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