Mamey dearest

Mamey after freeze.jpg

Originally uploaded by laderafrutal.

Two weeks after the freeze, it looks very doubtful that the Mamey sapote has survived.

It is hard to exaggerate how upsetting it would be to lose this tree. As depicted here previously, I grew this tree (and other tender subtropicals) in pots outside the Ladera Frutal office for a few years, in order to allow its roots to develop before planting, and so that the tree could be put into the garage when unusually cold weather was expected. Then in late summer, I planted the tree on higher ground, above the level at which frost and freezing temperatures normally occur. But the weather two weeks ago was anything but normal, and the tree’s survival is very much in doubt. We can go fifteen to twenty years without having a major episode of freezing weather. If only I had waited till this spring to plant…

Visible behind the mamey (and to the right of the stake) is the green sapote, which looks even less likely to have survived.

The canistel may have made it, albeit with significant damage.

Canistel after freeze.JPG

The wild flower growing in front of the subptropicals, and heralding the arrival of spring-like weather, is obviously adapted to cold weather. (Oh, look at the canistel’s sprinkler! I didn’t notice that when I was up there. I’ll have to go fix that.)

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