Blackened bananas

This is how the bananas look this morning, after two nights of freezing temperatures.

Click the image to open a larger photo in a new window.

Compare how they looked just over three weeks ago.

Bananas in sunlight_19Dec06.JPG

These mornings were the first in the four and a half years of my record-keeping that it froze this far up the slope. This morning the low up here was 27 (compare 23 downslope at the corralito). Even up higher where the subtropicals are, it reached 28, so the young trees up there (shown in the subtropicals domain planting immediately before this one) may not have survived.

0 thoughts on “Blackened bananas

  1. Ouch.

    I’ve got an Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum) here which weathers freezing temperatures just amazingly well…I see damage on the citrus and blackberries sometimes and don’t see any on the banana. Downside of course is that the thing doesn’t produce edible fruit…

  2. No frost/freeze problems here. Bananas, sapodilla, cherimoya, sapote, etc. all showed zero damage. El Cajon, California, about 1100 feet elevation on a south-facing hillside. You can feel the cold air draining downhill on a calm night.

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