Bangladeshi election crisis deepening

The United Nations has suspended technical assistance to the Bangladesh elections, scheduled for 22 January. The EU and the two US party institutes (NDI and IRI) are also suspending their missions.

Meanwhile, with the crisis deepening, Bangladeshi President Iajuddin Ahmed has declared a state of emergency,

suspending fundamental rights as described in the Constitution, a day after thousands of army troops and paramilitary forces were deployed across the country to maintain law and order and aide the civil administration in the smooth conduct of elections.

The Indian government is worried (same link as last):

The deteriorating security situation in Bangladesh is a cause for serious concern, a senior [Indian government] official said, and directly impacts India, as the growing violence and bitter rivalry between the major political combines allows the Islamic fundamentalists, some affiliated to the Al-Qaeda, to gain credibility with the populace.

Bangladeshi President Ahmed, who heads the caretaker government, is backpedaling on earlier insistence that the elections would go ahead, despite the opposition’s announced boycott. A deferment of “over a month” is under consideration. However, the Awami League (the main opposition party) is not impressed with the proposal.

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