Cover story

I have resisted the temptation to comment on the Iraq commission report. Till now, that is.

I take it as axiomatic that the commission is not a serious policy exercise, but rather an exercise in political cover. But the question remains, cover for whom?

    1. Cover for a Republican government looking to manage defeat while calling it “victory”?, or

    2. Cover for a Democratic party to sign on to an open-ended commitment while calling it a “change of course”?

Alas, there is nothing in the behavior of either party over the last six years to lead me to believe that it could possibly be no. 1.

This assessment is only enhanced by the presence on the commission of its chairman James Baker–a critical player in steering the aborted 2000 Florida recount Bush’s way–and especially of noted foreign-policy expert Sandra Day O’Connor–a pivotal member of the US Supreme Court’s coalition that intervened against the full recount by then underway.

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