New Brunswick voting today

Today’s election for New Brunswick’s provincial legislative assembly is too close to call, and the outcome could depend on about fifteen “volatile” ridings (out of 55).

Please see previous discussion here.

CBC will have on-line coverage of the results (thanks to Late Night for the pointer).

UPDATE: As results come in, it looks like the Liberals have won a majority of seats–perhaps by a few seats. The votes remain a dead heat, and a reversed plurality/spurious majority remains possible.

0 thoughts on “New Brunswick voting today

  1. Yet another in the Canadian series of “wrong winner” elections:
    PCs 47.6% of the vote, 26 seats;
    Liberals 47.0% of the vote, 29 seats;
    NDP 5.1% of the vote, 0 seats.

    For completeness, the others:

    The Parti Quebecois in 1998 won a large majority of seats (78-46) while losing the popular vote to the Liberals.

    The BC NDP won a clear majority in 1996 while losing the popular vote to the Liberals.

    In Saskatchewan in 1986 the NDP got more votes than the PCs but the PCs won a majority of seats.

    In Saskatchewan in 1999 the Saskatchewan Party got more votes than the NDP but the NDP won 50% of the seats.

    And then there’s the most confusing one for lay people, Ontario in 1985: the Liberals won more votes than the PCs while the PCs won more seats. Still, the PC government had no majority, but proceeded to face the House. As a result of the Liberal-NDP Accord the PCs then lost a confidence vote soon after the House convened, and turned the government over to the Liberals, so that many people have forgotten that the PCs had four more seats than the Liberals, while others have forgotten that the Liberals had more votes.

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