Leaning tower of Manwah

Dwarf Manwah 04June06.JPG

Originally uploaded by laderafrutal.

This ‘Dwarf Manwah’ banana stalk turned horizontal from the weight of the ripening fruit shortly before we left for Montreal. I cut it and we froze the fruit for future use (e.g. in smoothies). Excellent banana.

And this and the other bananas and assorted subtropicals must be thrilled with this week’s weather. Highly atypical for this time of year (or really, any), it has been cloudy and humid with high temperatures the last three days from 35 to 38 (a.k.a. 96 to 101) and even some showers and thunderstorms. Too bad we don’t have this kind of subtropical flow more often.

0 thoughts on “Leaning tower of Manwah

  1. I find it interesting that you haven’t covered your bannanas with a plastic bag to keep bats off. If they were uncovered like that in Australia one afternoon they would be there the next vanished.

  2. Correy, I have seen bananas covered in plastic in the tropics. I have also covered mine for frost protection or to trap ethelyne gas to hasten ripening. However, I have never heard anything about bats being a problem around here. We do see a bat now and then, but apparently Ladera Frutal bats have not acquired a taste for bananas!

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